Maple Services Acquires Holistic Households to Form Maple Household Services: A New Era of Comprehensive Services

Maple Services Acquires Holistic Households to Form Maple Household Services: A New Era of Comprehensive Services

Maple Services Acquires Holistic Households to Form Maple Household Services: A New Era of Comprehensive Services

Sydney, August 7, 2023 – Maple Services, a pioneering name in community supports, has announced its strategic acquisition of Holistic Households, a respected provider of household and maintenances services for NDIS participants. This landmark move is set to reshape the landscape of maintenance services, as the newly formed Maple Household Services takes centre stage with an unparalleled offering that caters to all NDIS client needs.

Maple Household Services, the result of this transformative collaboration, is a testament to the collective commitment of both organisations to create a more holistic and integrated approach to the wellbeing and services of participants. The newly launched platform, available at, will serve as a comprehensive hub for individuals seeking to enhance their quality of life through balanced and multifaceted range of household services.

Key Benefits for the Industry, Stakeholders, and Clients:

  • Diverse Program Portfolio: Clients of Maple Household Services will have the privilege to choose from a wide range of offerings that cater to various aspects of their life. These include residential & Group Home cleaning, Garden Maintenance, pest control, handyman Services, Removalists, general learning, end of lease cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, skip bins and meal preparation.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: With the integration of both organisations’ strengths, Maple Household Services offers clients a consolidated platform where they can access a wide array of household services. This streamlined experience eliminates the need to search through multiple providers, making it convenient for individuals to prioritise their own services effortlessly, whilst the separation of the offerings into two business units still enables choice and control to clients. This also allows for a focused approach to be adopted and staff being trained in their respective areas.
  • Expertise Synergy: CEO of Maple Community Services Irshad Mulla, when asked about the acquisition, stated, “We’ve heard the feedback, and are extremely excited to join forces with Holistic Households. This acquisition aligns with our commitment to offer bespoke services that go beyond the ordinary. Whether it be community participation, SIL, and now Household services, the synergy of our expertise will undoubtedly bring forth innovative approaches to household services that will set new benchmarks in the industry.”

Maple Services’ acquisition of Holistic Households represents a significant moment in the evolution of the community services industry. This united effort to uplift the quality in household services, speaks volumes about the dedication to fostering healthier, more fulfilled lives for NDIS clients and communities alike.

As the industry eagerly anticipates the unveiling of Maple Household Services, it is evident that a new era of household and maintenance services for the NDIS industry has dawned, where the participant takes centre stage. The launch of the platform is expected to be a turning point, showcasing how the integration of diverse expertise and services can create a thriving ecosystem that caters to every aspect of human wellness.

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